Our business and investment models rely on diversity of background, experience and thought. Integrating different perspectives from across the organisation into decision-making is critical to our success.

Our ‘one team, one purpose’ philosophy and our values set the foundation for our approach to inclusion and diversity and we drive this through our people systems, processes and policies.

We understand that inclusion is key to success: valuing all contributions, challenging ideas respectfully and supporting one another, as needed, allows each person to contribute to their maximum potential.

We centre our work around five key themes:

1. Inclusive leadership

We don’t believe there’s a monopoly on great ideas. Our leadership approach is inclusive – that’s why we established our Leadership for the Future group. With over 40 Future Fund leaders in this group, it aims to develop skills to navigate a rapidly and constantly changing workplace and workforce.

2. Diverse teams

Innovation flourishes among diversity. We create an environment that embraces difference, whether it’s in background, experience or thought.

We actively encourage our people to identify and reduce the seeds of unconscious bias through a number of inhouse training programs.

3. Indigenous opportunities

We provide an opportunity for our leaders to be seconded for six weeks to an indigenous organisation, as part of the Jawun Program. We are consciously learning about indigenous culture and what kind of workplace we can create to support that culture.

4. Nimbleness

We are nimble in many ways. One way is in how we work: recognising that work is an activity not a place. Our office space includes collaboration spaces that feature a variety of seating arrangements for informal meetings, and connecting with other colleagues. We are committed to making it easy to find balance in our lives.

5. Next generation

An annual talent review is conducted by all managers. The process considers the performance and potential of all our people. Agreed development actions are prepared for all staff members, and special development opportunities are identified for key staff that have the capacity to take on stretch programs.